The Healing Word, Expressive Writing Practice with Mary Rose DoughertyWelcome

The Healing Word is a creative and expressive writing practice offered by Mary Rose Dougherty that invites you to read and write in response to literature, usually poetry. This well-documented proven process has help guide many on a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. It can help you, too, to understand better what matters most—that which brings joy and which you seek to know more deeply.

As a writer, poet and teacher, I’ve had many important mentors, but one essential learning from Jack Myers, one of my mentors in the MFA program from which I graduated stands out: “Poetry is a powerful tool for the spirit.” Though poetry has intuitively guided my spirit from my teens, as an adult, this posthumous gift from Jack has allowed me to pause and awaken in a deeper way to poetry’s therapeutic potential for emotional and spiritual healing.

My first conversations with Jack were about the Zen spirit that flows through everything and which he continued to explore throughout his life. Beyond the traditional rigors of an advanced degree program, Jack—his spirit—has proven to be a significant life teacher, too, returning me again to questions I began asking as a teen: What does it mean to be fully alive? How can we tap into our full human potential while we are here?

Do you want to support your personal wellness, gain clarity, empower yourself, resonate in authenticity, and live with a deeper sense of peace?

If so, then expressive writing is the place for you! I invite you to look over the classes and workshops described here on my website. Whether you prefer to work individually or in a group, I would be honored to travel part of your road with you. Choose a topic you deeply wish to explore, or contact me and we’ll discover what fits best for you right now.