Mary Rose DoughertyAbout Mary Rose Dougherty

I have been awarded two fellowships for my writing from the Vermont Studio Center and served as critic for the Poetry Society of Vermont at its annual meeting. My writing has been published in Calyx, Yankee, Calliope, and Shoreline: Poetry and Prose, Explorations of Mental Illness. My poem, “Coming to Grace,” won an honorable mention in a contest for The Writer’s Circle judged by Patricia Fargnoli, then-poet laureate of New Hampshire.

Currently, I am in training to be a Certified Applied Poetry Facilitator (CAPF) through the International Federation of Bibliopoetry Therapy.

My memberships include the National Association for Poetry Therapy, Associated Writing Programs and the Academy of American Poets. I hold an MFA in Writing, with a specialization in poetry, from Vermont College.

As a writing facilitator in my community, I have taught journal writing to women in transition, co-facilitated an in-patient poetry group on the psychiatric ward of a university hospital and run local poetry groups for elders. With financial support from National Life of Vermont, I edited and published the work of these elder poets in a collection called Dance, available in local libraries.

My love of language and the awareness that language offers an inroad to the kind of change that marks the Hero’s Journey has led me to expressive writing. When we seek to truly know ourselves and to find our voice, this writing process can shine a light on the way to true and right living, as we only we can define it.

By finding meaning in the expression of another person’s perspective and entering the writing, we can better access and engage our own feelings. Literature, and poetry in particular, can help us explore and deepen our human experience. We can find resolution and an inner peace.