Classes and Workshops

Mary Rose Dougherty is available for individual and group classes in the healing art of expressive writing on an ongoing basis. Classes can be self-styled to address your particular concerns. Many of my workshops can be designed for those in the therapeutic, healing, teaching and pastoral professions and to the people served by these individuals. Special programs are available for artists and creatives, wellness in the workplace, respite for caregivers and the specific needs of elders.

I invite you to peruse the following list of programs for one that meets your needs.

  • The Healing Word: Nurturing the Spirit through Writing
  • Respite and the Poetry of Nature: Expressive Writing for Caregivers
  • Taking Back My Voice:  Taking Back My VoiceGrowing toward Authenticity: When to Be Silent–and When to Speak in My Own Life
  • The Colors of the Healing Word: The Palette of Poem Making
  • Journaling My Story: Telling My Life on Paper


If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, contact me and together we will design a program that suits your needs. I look forward to joining you on your expressive writing journey. Let’s get started soon!